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It's New!
Introducing MasterCard SecureCode — a new online security service to guard you against unauthorized use of your MasterCard card while shopping online at participating merchants. There is no need to get a new card, no software to download, no cost, and no hassles... just added security. Once enrolled in this service, you'll have added confidence knowing that MasterCard SecureCode performs an extra authentication step to protect your account from unauthorized users online.

How Does It Work?
Watch a Demo.
  1. Register your MasterCard credit or debit card for your personal SecureCode.
2. Shop at participating merchants and pay with your enrolled MasterCard card.
3. Click Submit to complete your order, like you would normally do.
4. The MasterCard SecureCode box will automatically open on the merchant order form asking for your SecureCode - just like the bank asks you for a PIN at the ATM.
5. Enter your unique SecureCode and within seconds, your identity is confirmed and your purchase is complete. This communication is between you and your card issuer and your information is never shared with the merchant.

How Do I Register?
To register, have your MasterCard credit or debit card handy, so you can create your personal SecureCode and be ready to start shopping online at participating merchants. Register Now for this FREE service.

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